Jessika Lakin

 A Blog for All Us Gen-X Ladies & a Few Other Gals Too!

Cheeky, curious, and accidentally sexy Jessika Lakin has a lot to say when it comes to being 40-something and still trying to find her way. Her story begins on a perfect September day when she unloads her spouse and boss within twenty-four hours of each other. Will Jess persuade her new boss she’s worthy of a promotion? Will she finally find the nerve to speak with the sexy corporate guy whose chiseled calves drive her to distraction at Starbucks?

There’s no doubt Jessika Lakin is unlike everyone else working in the medical-device field. What she lacks in an East-coast pedigree she makes up for in spunk, grit, and fierce determination. Jessika will get what she wants come hell or high water, but will she know what to do with it once she gets it?